Dog allergies

I love my dogs!

I was sad to find out that my dogs … well their dander … was causing some of my symptoms. I like to think it was because of the dust in the air or the pollen outside…I was in denial. Every time I’d play with my dogs for a length of time or give them a bath I would go into a sneezing fit along with getting itchy and watery eyes. Petting them was okay but spending prolonged “quality time” was definitely a challenge.

I was referred to Dr. Tan to check out some food allergies that may be causing some digestive issues. I also found out that my dogs were indeed causing some stress on my system. After treatment that day, I went home and hung out with my dogs … and noticed that I had no reaction to them. No sneezing, no itchy, watery eyes. The very next day I went a step further and hugged them … no reaction, even till this very day. It’s amazing! I’ll be back to clear the rest of the symptoms … and will definitely recommend Dr. Tan to my family and friends. This really works!

With blessings for good health! – Laurie, Honolulu, HI

Sinus Headaches from Temperature Change

I experienced bad headaches whenever I go from an air conditioned office to my car on a hot day. When I got out of my car into the hot sun to get to my appointment with Dr Tan, I started developing a sinus headache. While Dr Tan was treating me, the headache slowly disappeared. Since then, I have not had those headaches. Mahalo, Dr Tan.
– Colleen

Dust Allergy

I used to have severe reactions to dust.

Every time I cleaned house, moved stuff around my closets, helped my friend in her warehouse or went near boxes that had been in storage, I would sneeze uncontrollably. Sometimes my reaction would be so strong that I would be put out for the rest of the day. After one treatment for dust, I have noticed a significant change and I am able to do these things with little to no reaction.

 Melissa Berona, Honolulu, HI

Vog & Caffeine Allergy

 I used to have difficulty breathing on voggy days.

In addition to shallow breathing, I would experience pounding headaches and severe fatigue. After one session at Dr. Tan’s office, my symptoms cleared completely. In fact, I no longer notice when there is vog outside.

I have never been able to drink coffee or even strong teas because of my sensitivity to caffeine. Even the smallest amounts would cause me to become dizzy. After being treated for this sensitivity, I decided to try drinking some coffee. I was so surprised that, while I did feel a rush from the caffeine, I no longer felt sick.

 Brenda Kwon, Honolulu, HI

Food Allergies

I used to think that I was allergic to alcohol since whenever I drank beer or wine.

I used to not only get congested immediately, but also had hangover effects the following morning. After being treated for yeast and wheat by Dr. Tan, I no longer get congested or feel any negative effects the next day.
Whenever I ate anything made with eggs, I immediately had a slight headache. After being treated for eggs by Dr. Tan, no matter how many eggs I eat, I don’t get any headaches!
Every time vog would be brought in by the Kona winds, I’d get congestion along with post nasal drip. Once Dr. Tan treated me for vog, I no longer have those symptoms.

Steven Yoshida, Mililani, HI


Weight Management

Every year I make the same New Year’s resolution,  to lose weight and body fat to feel better about myself.

Well, this year, I’ll have to come up with something else thanks to you  and the Ultra Lite Weight Management program.  Through your program, combined with regular weight training and cardio exercise, I have lost 25 pounds and almost 10% body fat.  Your one on one care and thorough knowledge of the program has been invaluable to my success.

I am so thrilled with my results and the reaction I’m getting from my friends and colleague and husband, it is very motivating!

I wish you (and me) continued success with the program and hope that many others find their way to your office and this fantastic, beneficial program.

Jamie Hartnett, Honolulu, HI


Weight Loss

All my life I have struggled with my weight.

My mother supervised my first diet at age 8. (My mother had lost 100 lbs in a similar diet before she married)  At age 11, I was 5 ft 1.75 inches and weighed 144 lbs.  That year I did manage to lose some weight.

As an adult, I sought medical assistance to lose weight at least twice as well as numerous attempts at various programs on my own.  I became interested in natural health, healing and foods, even becoming a good vegetarian cook.  However, I was unable to achieve a healthy weight.  Finding Ultra Lite was a miracle for me. Although weighing, measuring and recording my food was difficult for me, I was immediately encouraged by a 5 lb weight loss the first week and again the second week. In only 10 weeks, I lost 30 lbs reaching my goal. Amazing!

Although I was eating a small amount of food, I was not hungry, nor did I crave sweets, my usual downfall.  I had more energy and felt better than I had in ages with Ultra Lite.  The program has also given me the confidence that I can manage my weight and I know that I can go back on the program whenever I need to.

I feel that I have been given a new lease on life!  Thank you very much, Dr Tan.

 Jaquie-Marie Johnson, RDH, Wahiawa, HI


I have been a patient of Dr Tan for over 6 months.  Muscle pain from fibromyalgia is the reason I started seeing Dr Tan.  She was referred to me from another patient who was pleased with her work.  Dr Tan has helped me eliminate 75% of my muscle pain.  I continue to see her whenever new muscle pain develops.

Donna Kowalczyk, Honolulu, HI



I have suffered from pain associated with fibromyalgia for several years.

These symptoms worsened during my pregnancy and continued to bother me after the birth of my child.  With just one treatment from Dr Tan, most of the pain has improved significantly.  With the exception of my wrists, the pain in my ankles, feet, knees waist, arms and shoulders are gone

Sherrie Takushi, Aiea, HI


Vog & environmental allergies

Dr. Tan has worked wonders with my vog allergy symptoms.

I’ve always had sensitivity to the vog and had to move from the Big Island to Moloka’i because of it. Whenever the vog acted up, my nose would run like a river and I’d have to literally carry around a box of tissues, or stick one up my nostril to keep it at bay. I’d also become very tired and become physically sick and would be bed-ridden till the vog lightened up. Over time, my reactions increased so much that if my sinuses became clogged up, I would lose my hearing and it would take almost a month for them to re-open with antibiotics. Ever since I went to Dr. Tan, my reactions to the vog have disappeared. My sinuses and eyes no longer are affected by the vog conditions. During my first appointment with Dr. Tan she also checked me for any other airborne or food items that I could also have reaction to. I discovered that I reacted to milk/dairy products, cats, fungus/molds, grasses/weeds, sugar mix, wheat, dust, sinus fungus, and a couple others. So far, she has treated the majority of them and I’ve noticed the astounding outcomes! Dr. Tan even cured my sensitivity to my favorite food, potatoes which would have been tortuous for me to give up! In addition to this, I have had a wicked time with motion sickness throughout my short life. Whenever I go on a ferryboat or make a car trip with windy roads, I’ll either throw up or have horrible stomach issues. Dr. Tan has just recently treated me for this condition as well and now I can’t wait to do both to test the results! Dr. Tan has helped me enjoy my life so much more rather than having to check the environment constantly for vog or numerous amounts of dust, or having to avoid dairy products and my favorite comfort food, potatoes, and has opened a new door to living and breathing a whole new life. Thank you Dr. Tan for everything. A contented and happy faced 16 year old.

 EJ, Moloka’i

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu