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I must praise Dr Karen Tan at her Center for Innovative Medicine

I must praise Dr. Karen Tan at her Center for Innovative Medicine.  My husband and I received the benefit of her healing and healthy body maintenance for over 15 years while living in Honolulu.

Migraines, Hot Flashes & Insomnia

I came to Dr Tan looking for a naturopathic way to cure my migraines, hot flashes and insomnia. After 3 months of treatments, my 4-5 times a week migraines are gone! My hot flashes are 90% cured. I’m sure with another treatment, it will be history.

Stiff neck

Unfortunately i started the new year with a very painful stiff neck. It started on the right side and moved to the left. I could hardly hold my head up. Thanks to Dr Tan and her magical treatments the pain was gone in three sessions and I had full range of motion!


Health insurance coverage for Naturopathic care

With the Affordable Care Act, your health insurance plan may possibly reimburse you for a portion of your office visit.  You will need to check directly with your health insurance carrier on what portion may be reimbursed to you.  As we are non participating providers, we will provide you with a receipt that includes the diagnostic coding required when submitting for reimbursement. Please call your health insurance carrier for more information on how to submit your claims.  Akamai Advantage, Quest, grandfathered or transitional plans  are not included. At this time,  acupuncture,  prolotherapy , PRP or allergy treatments are not included in the benefits. However, some plans have Acupuncture riders such as HMAA, UHA. We participate in some of these riders. These riders cover a portion of our office visit fees.  Patients are still responsible for the balance not covered by their Acupuncture rider as well as the copay.


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Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu