Chronic Sinus & Skin Allergies

Dr. Tan has changed my life!

I had been taking allergy shots once every three weeks, taking Singular daily, going for acupuncture every three weeks, and taking Benadryl every 4 hrs when my symptoms flared up.  I could only be outdoors about 30 minutes before my sinuses got stuffy, my body would itch all over, and my back broke out in hives. Needless to say, I spent most of my time indoors. I was always congested even indoors.

I also had food sensitivities as well. Eating foods I was allergic to made me feel nauseous and gassy.  I also had cramps and diarrhea.  Needless to say, my diet was very limited as well.

After Dr Tan treated me, I can walk on grass with bare feet for the first time in more than 20 years.  I am also able to  enjoy going on long hikes and being outdoors without suffering and without medications.   I can eat more variety of foods now.  All the unpleasant symptoms I used to have after eating these foods are gone!

Since we got back to Tennessee,  I have been to several outdoor events.
1. A four hour concert outside.
2. A party around a fire pit for 3 1/2 hours.
3. Our neighbors came down and we talked outdoors for 3 hours. (Never would have happened before I saw you)
4. I  made 2 entire soccer games without any stuffiness.


If you have allergies and want relief, go to Dr Tan!  Do it now so that you can be in charge of your life and not have your allergies dictate what you can and cannot do.

Monica Thomas, Maryville, TN


TMJ pain

I can’t say enough about the acupuncture and naturopathic treatment that Dr. Tan practices.

For years I suffered severe TMJ pain from 2 – 5 times per week, a definite 10+ on the pain scale. It was so debilitating that that all I could do was to sit very still and quietly to minimize excruciating pain, and hope that it would go away soon. I could not work, I could not play, I could barely function anything I did would create more pain.
After a few treatments with Dr. Tan, the TMJ pain. A combination of acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and gentle encouragement about lifestyle changes has me a new TMJ pain-free person. No more pain. I’m positive that the treatment worked because Dr. Tan evaluated my whole body, mind, and spirit, and did not just treat the symptoms. It just does not get any better than this! Mahalo Dr. Tan – Anonymous patient

Naturopathic Alternatives

I first learned about naturopathic physician and Dr. Karen Tan in 2001. We got to experience the naturopathic alternative to regular health care and found that to be a very valuable and natural way to address health issues.

Since then, Dr. Tan has been our family doctor and has helped successfully with many of our health problems. Dr. Tan is a very good doctor with broad knowledge in both conventional and naturopathic medicines. She is also an expert in acupuncture.

Dr. Tan is a very patient and friendly doctor, and she spends plenty time understanding as well as explaining to us. Dr. Tan has taught us how to take better care of our body and health. Naturopathic is a new approach to health care and provides patients with essential professional care that cannot be obtained from regular medical doctors. We always tell our friends that they have to spend time experiencing it in order to really appreciate its great value. – Eric Wong, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pain Management

Just a note to say sincere thanks to you for the outstanding care and knowledge you have given me during my treatment over the past year. I have experienced reduced pain, reduced stress during extremely pressurized events, and better health overall as a result of your hints, remedies and excellent advice.
I also very much appreciate your continued research on the development of new techniques and innovative supplements. I am grateful for your time and energy! Keep up the good work! – Craig, Kapolei, HI

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu