Hip Replacement Alternative- Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

After being told I needed hip replacement due to Osteoarthritis, I sought an alternative.

I was allergic to the medication the doctors wanted me to take, and had debilitating pain in my hip. I had lost a lot of strength and mobility. I had gone from surfing several days a week to 3-4 days a year. My first PRP treatment was eye opening. Quite painful on administration, but the next few days were amazing. Almost no pain at all, no more pills no more limping. After about four days I noticed my mobility was greatly improved, and my strength was returning. I haven’t been this pain free for two years. I’m hoping to find the time to get back in the water and surf again. – Mario, Hawaii

Pain Management

Just a note to say sincere thanks to you for the outstanding care and knowledge you have given me during my treatment over the past year. I have experienced reduced pain, reduced stress during extremely pressurized events, and better health overall as a result of your hints, remedies and excellent advice.
I also very much appreciate your continued research on the development of new techniques and innovative supplements. I am grateful for your time and energy! Keep up the good work! – Craig, Kapolei, HI

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu