Vog & environmental allergies

Dr. Tan has worked wonders with my vog allergy symptoms.

I’ve always had sensitivity to the vog and had to move from the Big Island to Moloka’i because of it. Whenever the vog acted up, my nose would run like a river and I’d have to literally carry around a box of tissues, or stick one up my nostril to keep it at bay. I’d also become very tired and become physically sick and would be bed-ridden till the vog lightened up. Over time, my reactions increased so much that if my sinuses became clogged up, I would lose my hearing and it would take almost a month for them to re-open with antibiotics. Ever since I went to Dr. Tan, my reactions to the vog have disappeared. My sinuses and eyes no longer are affected by the vog conditions. During my first appointment with Dr. Tan she also checked me for any other airborne or food items that I could also have reaction to. I discovered that I reacted to milk/dairy products, cats, fungus/molds, grasses/weeds, sugar mix, wheat, dust, sinus fungus, and a couple others. So far, she has treated the majority of them and I’ve noticed the astounding outcomes! Dr. Tan even cured my sensitivity to my favorite food, potatoes which would have been tortuous for me to give up! In addition to this, I have had a wicked time with motion sickness throughout my short life. Whenever I go on a ferryboat or make a car trip with windy roads, I’ll either throw up or have horrible stomach issues. Dr. Tan has just recently treated me for this condition as well and now I can’t wait to do both to test the results! Dr. Tan has helped me enjoy my life so much more rather than having to check the environment constantly for vog or numerous amounts of dust, or having to avoid dairy products and my favorite comfort food, potatoes, and has opened a new door to living and breathing a whole new life. Thank you Dr. Tan for everything. A contented and happy faced 16 year old.

 EJ, Moloka’i

Cat Allergy

I had a severe cat allergy.

If I visited the home of people who had a cat I would begin sneezing after a few minutes then develop itchy eyes, wheezing, and eventually asthma-type symptoms. It would take me almost 24 hours to recover even if I left the place within half an hour. My friends, who all seem to have cats, tried vacuuming before I arrived, hiding their cats away, and opening all the doors and windows. But still I had a hard time and had to meet them away from their homes.

Then I discovered Dr Tan. She treated me for my allergy and I visited my daughter’s home (with two indoor cats) and was fine. A few days later I visited again and even petted the cats and was still fine. Then I visited a friend’s home where I’d had the worst problems with their fluffy pet. I was perfectly fine, no symptoms at all despite being there for two hours. Thank you Dr Tan. – Sue Wilcox

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu