I grew up with Chinese medicine, herbs specifically. It was part of daily life and also used in the treatment of various ailments. I had asthma as a child and knew that certain foods aggravated my condition. When ailments were more serious, we went to the medical doctor whose medicines tasted better and made our symptoms go away. As a teenager, I rebelled, refused Chinese medicine and turned completely to conventional western medicine instead. This continued through college.

One day, while moving out of my apartment after graduating from college, I got into a bad car accident. I decided to try chiropractic care and felt a lot of relief from the treatments. Shortly after, I was able to resume the activities that I loved, hiking, swimming, diving etc

A couple months later, when I was at the chiropractor’s office, he heard that I had a bad cough and cold that wasn’t getting better after a few rounds of antibiotics. He suggested going to Chinatown for herbs and also made some recommendations for supplements for my cold and cough.

Being in the Chinese herbalist shop reminded me of my childhood. It felt comforting and I knew I was going to to be ok. I started feeling better within days and fully recovered within a short period of time.

After that experience, I decided that I wanted to become a chiropractor so I can learn more about natural medicines for health and healing. At that time, I didn’t know Naturopathic Physicians even existed!

I started taking pre-med classes. One day, while I was studying for a test, an acquaintance came up to ask what I was doing. Excitedly, I told him I was in pre-med classes so that I can go to chiropractic school. He said “Nah, you don’t want to do that. You want to go to Naturopathic school.” Turns out he was a Naturopathic Physician who practices primarily homeopathy. He went on to suggest I meet with a couple of new Naturopathic Physicians in town who had just set up their clinic.

Once I learnt about the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine, I was sold! It was the common sense medicine that I had been looking for that had the scope of practice that I wanted and never knew existed!

The results I got in my own healing journey with natural medicines inspired me to go to Naturopathic medical school and Acupuncture school. I feel very lucky to have found my calling.

Now after years of studying with different mentors and keeping up with the latest in treatments, I have found that combining the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine with the latest tech innovations is the most effective way of resolving health issues. By removing toxicity and blockages to healing, we can restore health. I accomplish this by utilizing European drainage remedies to detoxify and balance the organ systems, new technology in the treatment and resolution of allergies and food sensitivities, regenerative injection therapies, contact regulation thermography and biofeedback testing to determine organ stress.

I love helping women and men resolve their health issues that cause daily struggles so that they can live their lives to the fullest potential. People who believe in natural medicines. Those who want natural alternatives to their medications and those, especially women who were told by their doctors that “its all in their heads”.

Please call (808) 591-8778 to set up your appointment if you want to think out of the box and start your journey to realizing your full health potential.

Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Innovative Medicine Honolulu