Weight Management

Every year I make the same New Year’s resolution,  to lose weight and body fat to feel better about myself.

Well, this year, I’ll have to come up with something else thanks to you  and the Ultra Lite Weight Management program.  Through your program, combined with regular weight training and cardio exercise, I have lost 25 pounds and almost 10% body fat.  Your one on one care and thorough knowledge of the program has been invaluable to my success.

I am so thrilled with my results and the reaction I’m getting from my friends and colleague and husband, it is very motivating!

I wish you (and me) continued success with the program and hope that many others find their way to your office and this fantastic, beneficial program.

Jamie Hartnett, Honolulu, HI


Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu

Center for Innovative Medicine Honolulu