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Refreshing approach to healthcare

I have found Dr. Karen Tan’s knowledge, energy and demeanor are unsurpassed in the health care community.

She has treated me for a variety of illnesses all with great success. She didn’t just treat an illness, but she clearly explained how and sometimes even why each illness I had was interacting with my body and provided information for how I can prevent recurrences. I found this approach to be enlightening and refreshing. I always had the utmost confidence when I had a health issue, Dr. Tan would fit me in her schedule, no matter how busy she was, and she would give me her complete and undivided attention. Further, she made me feel as if we were working on the problem together, not just her treating me; I admire and appreciate this approach in health care. Dr. Tan’s desire to continue to learn new treatments is extremely impressive. Her ability to bring new concepts for care back to her patients and clearly explain these concepts was not only of value but also encouraging in that I knew this was a person who wasn’t just “sitting back” and resting on her laurels. Dr. Karen Tan has provided me with great care and compassion which encouraged me to heal and grow as a person. I am forever indebted to the care she has provided me and highly recommend her to all of my friends, and would highly recommend her to anyone. – John H. Magnus

Food Allergies

Being a naturopath as well, I have been aware of food as allergens to cause digestive problems.

Thus I have tried a lot hypoallergenic diets to decrease my symptoms and address my health. These diets did help while on them, however, staying on them all of the time proved to be difficult. After hearing Dr. Tan speak at a lecture about Advanced Allergy Testing, I thought, I need to give that a try.

Since working with Dr. Tan, my digestive symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, and a constant “full feeling” have decreased and even gone away while returning foods into my diet that I have been avoiding for years.

Thank You, thank you, Dr. Tan for all your help!! – Summer Baptist, ND, LAc, Honolulu, HI

Salt sensitivity

Salty foods always make me bloat, so I have been very careful to watch my salt intake.

One treatment for this sensitivity cleared my symptoms. I still watch my intake for my health, but I notice that when I do eat something salty, I no longer have any fluid retention. I never thought this would be possible–I always figured that I was someone who could never tolerate salt. – Anonymous patient

Environmental & Food Allergies

I have been suffering from environmental and food allergies since childhood. 

Years of allergy medications helped to clear the sinus congestion, runny nose and itchy eyes, but also came with a long list of side effects.  Dr Tan has shown me a better way.  She listened carefully to my health history and current concerns, then tailored an allergy elmination program specifically for me.  Dr Tan took the time to answer my questions and even recommended 2 books.  After only a few months of treatment,  I am breathing easier and have developed a new sense of well-being.  I finally feel like I am in control of my allergies, instead of  the other way around.  After living for so many years with allergy symptoms, it is wonderful to enjoy the smells of nature, all without drugs.  I highly recommend Dr Tan.

Elissa Koskela, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Behavior & Food Sensitivities

AAT has made a tremendous difference in my son’s behavior.

Prior to treatment, nothing I did could modify his abnormal sleep schedule. Since 18 months of age, Dason slept at 2-3 am and woke 6-7 times a night up to 2 years of age, 3-4 times a night up to 30 months and 2-3 times a night up to age 3. More recently, prior to treatment, he slept at 4-5 am and woke 1-2 times a night. Since receiving treatments, he is sleeping at 10:30 pm and staying down for the night 50-60 % of the time and if he wakes up, its only once a night.
Dason’s irritability and ‘hyped-up’ behavior has also been a major concern. He received occupational therapy to address sensory issues which contributed to this behavior. However, after personal research, I decided to examine a possible dietary link. In 1-2 weeks of a strict elimination diet, Dason’s behavior improved notably. However, avoidance of all possible dietary allergenic substances was next to impossible and cooking for Dason proved extremely difficult and time consuming. I could not find a medical professional receptive to treating sensory concerns with a dietary approach so I decided to try a naturopathc approach.
Thankfully, AAT treatments with Dr Tan has proven effective. It’s given our family our life back. Prior to treatment, I slept little and at odd hours and spent most waking hours managing food issues and poor behavior. That’s all changed for the better. It’s finally, for me, an answer to what was once a very desperate situation. – Dee Lee, Waipahu, HI

Drug induced Eczema

I’ve suffered from drug (antibiotic) induced eczema since Oct 2007.

Of course, prescribed steroids and other antibiotics didn’t help. In March 2008, I suffered a terribly bad case of inflammatory eczema. It affected up and down both of my arms and legs and my lower back. I look terrible, as if I had some kind of flesh eating disease. I couldn’t sleep at night and showers only brought agony and tears. This went on for a month and it got to the point where a large area of my right lower shin had become infected, and a series of boils appeared long my right leg.

I knew that an allopathic doctor wouldn’t be able to help me anymore. All the medications they prescribed only further messed up my system. So, I know it was time to get treatment from a naturopathic doctor. I prayed that the Lord would guide me to a good one!

Upon my first visit with Dr Tan, she told me right off the bat that my immune system was “shot”. First, we treated the inflammation. Two days after my second treatment, I woke up to such noticeable improvement that I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Since then, the inflammation/eczema dramatically disappeared as the days went by under Dr Tan’s treatment. I couldn’t help thinking that I wish I had found Dr Tan much sooner. I would’ve been spared a great deal of pain and suffering, I’m sure! – Catherine Symonds, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Cat Allergy

I had a severe cat allergy.

If I visited the home of people who had a cat I would begin sneezing after a few minutes then develop itchy eyes, wheezing, and eventually asthma-type symptoms. It would take me almost 24 hours to recover even if I left the place within half an hour. My friends, who all seem to have cats, tried vacuuming before I arrived, hiding their cats away, and opening all the doors and windows. But still I had a hard time and had to meet them away from their homes.

Then I discovered Dr Tan. She treated me for my allergy and I visited my daughter’s home (with two indoor cats) and was fine. A few days later I visited again and even petted the cats and was still fine. Then I visited a friend’s home where I’d had the worst problems with their fluffy pet. I was perfectly fine, no symptoms at all despite being there for two hours. Thank you Dr Tan. – Sue Wilcox

Asthma & Sinus Allergies

At the age of 25, I  became asthmatic and my sinuses became very sensitive to everything.

Within a five month time span, I had bronchitis twice and was told by my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor that I would need to inhale steroid medication twice a day for the rest of my life to ensure sinus relief. Even with the steroids, I had major sinus pain on the right side of my face everyday, which forced me to take Advil on a daily basis in order to function at all.
I decided that I didn’t want to live my life on medication every single day. I was referred to Dr. Karen Tan and had results within two days. I no longer had to take Advil, inhale steroids or use my asthma inhaler. I visited Dr. Tan for about a month and a half and learned that my body had developed sensitivities to things that we all encounter on a daily basis- mold, mildew, dust, sulfur (vog) and my own mucus- yes, it’s possible. After several treatments, I feel so relieved- I feel healthy again.
Taking away a lifetime of pain and medication is priceless. I’ve learned that prescription drugs mask the problem and the painful symptoms, but fail to treat the body. I am so thankful for Dr. Tan and her painless treatment methods, words can not explain what she has done for my life. – Heather M. Doeringer, Honolulu, HI

Chronic Sinus & Skin Allergies

Dr. Tan has changed my life!

I had been taking allergy shots once every three weeks, taking Singular daily, going for acupuncture every three weeks, and taking Benadryl every 4 hrs when my symptoms flared up.  I could only be outdoors about 30 minutes before my sinuses got stuffy, my body would itch all over, and my back broke out in hives. Needless to say, I spent most of my time indoors. I was always congested even indoors.

I also had food sensitivities as well. Eating foods I was allergic to made me feel nauseous and gassy.  I also had cramps and diarrhea.  Needless to say, my diet was very limited as well.

After Dr Tan treated me, I can walk on grass with bare feet for the first time in more than 20 years.  I am also able to  enjoy going on long hikes and being outdoors without suffering and without medications.   I can eat more variety of foods now.  All the unpleasant symptoms I used to have after eating these foods are gone!

Since we got back to Tennessee,  I have been to several outdoor events.
1. A four hour concert outside.
2. A party around a fire pit for 3 1/2 hours.
3. Our neighbors came down and we talked outdoors for 3 hours. (Never would have happened before I saw you)
4. I  made 2 entire soccer games without any stuffiness.


If you have allergies and want relief, go to Dr Tan!  Do it now so that you can be in charge of your life and not have your allergies dictate what you can and cannot do.

Monica Thomas, Maryville, TN


TMJ pain

I can’t say enough about the acupuncture and naturopathic treatment that Dr. Tan practices.

For years I suffered severe TMJ pain from 2 – 5 times per week, a definite 10+ on the pain scale. It was so debilitating that that all I could do was to sit very still and quietly to minimize excruciating pain, and hope that it would go away soon. I could not work, I could not play, I could barely function anything I did would create more pain.
After a few treatments with Dr. Tan, the TMJ pain. A combination of acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and gentle encouragement about lifestyle changes has me a new TMJ pain-free person. No more pain. I’m positive that the treatment worked because Dr. Tan evaluated my whole body, mind, and spirit, and did not just treat the symptoms. It just does not get any better than this! Mahalo Dr. Tan – Anonymous patient

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